Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Value of death penalty

Does it really provide closure:
Criminal trials and the promise of an execution offer a seemingly appealing mechanism to assign blame and channel rage. But many crime victims have reported that the endless repetition of their stories, the formal legal rules, and the years lost between appeals only serve to increase stress and delay healing.
Another thing that doesn't provide closure, when the "government has had four years to get their charges together against Hamdan," but still can't do it, and have no timeline in sight. That provides about as much closure as allowing the so-called 20th hijacker make a martyr of himself.

Then from The Agitator, look at what cops are writing about in private. They are often just as bad over the radio and wherever else they are recorded. Methinks if anyone needs constant monitoring (miking all cars, putting video cameras in), it is the police before citizens.


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